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The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers - Review

Best selling Christian author Francine Rivers' new title "The Masterpiece" was released in paperback earlier this year and has been eagerly awaited by her fans. It is the story of two people who share a similar troubled past - the difference between them being that one has a faith and the other does not. Artist Roman Velasco has everything - successful career, money and a beautiful house- but nothing satisfies. He also has an alter ego as a graffiti artist that the police have been after for years. Grace Moore is his new PA. She has a strong faith but a tendency to choose the wrong man and is working on getting her life back on track. There is an attraction between Roman and Grace but as it

grows it proves problematic for Grace as she is determined to make the right choice this time. The novel moves between the back stories of these two characters and the present day. The book is gritty in places and is gripping and engaging. Fans of Rivers will enjoy it and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good read. It isn't high brow but neither is it chick lit! It is also the sort of book that could be lent to a non-Christian friend. It currently retails at £12.99 (we have one copy at the reduced price of £11.99 in stock).

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