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New Year - New Habit

As we approach the start of a New Year people often start thinking about what resolutions they might make. One suggestion for Christians is to commit to a daily devotional time or to start a new pattern of study. Whether this would mean making some changes to your routine or whether you are just looking for some new material to aid your quiet time we have a number of titles to help you.

If you fancy the challenge of reading the whole Bible in a year, Nicky Gumble has recently released his full commentary on this. Broken down into daily sections to match the daily readings, he comments on each passage and draws them together under a unifying theme.

If you are looking for something shorter as a focus for each day Bear Grylls has written an excellent devotional book called "Soul Fuel". This is a year's worth of daily reflections but they are not dated so could be dipped into as and when.

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