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Traidcraft Update

In October I wrote about Traidcraft and how after 39 years of pioneering fairtrade it was coming to an end. The good news is that they are able to continue under a new, much reduced model. They will be reducing from a staff of 67 to 12 so it is a dramatic change. The new model will aim to maximise the profitable parts of the business, phase out loss-making lines, create a membership culture and set a new high bar for ethical trading in the UK. They will continue to supply their core grocery items and reduce the amount of craft in their catalogues. They will aspire to make transparent the costs, prices and profits involved in every product it sells, which carries on the fair-trade tradition of challenging and disrupting the market.

CEO Robin Roth said: “We want our members to be co-conspirators in changing how trade is understood and practiced. We want to tell consumers who gets what from the Traidcraft products they buy. We want to annoy and irritate those who profit unduly through the non-transparency of their trading activities. We will cause good trouble, just as those six fair trade pioneers who started Traidcraft did back in 1979.”

This is encouraging news for The Vine as we will be able to continue to supply Hinckley and the surrounding area with Fairtrade produce and craft through our supplier – Fair Trading. As yet we do not know which lines will continue and which will end. The current Traidcraft model is still coming to an end and many lines are beginning to be unavailable so please bear with us as we wait for the new model to begin in the New Year. Please continue to keep Traidcraft in your prayers.

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