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Summer books for Children

This summer we have a great selection of books for children of all ages all at discounted prices. The range, called Kids Corner, comes in three times a year and always fits in well with each season. In this range there are board books, touch & feel books, activity books, books on Christian heroes of faith, books on prayer, books on creation, books that deal with big questions about life and faith and novels. There are also DVDs and a CD in the range.

My favourites from the range are a book called “Creative God, Colourful Us” and one called “Where’d my Giggle Go?”. “Creative God, Colourful Us” by Trilla Newbell is aimed at children aged 8-12. It takes the reader through the basics of Christianity and explains that we are all made differently but that we are all equal and that our differences are to be celebrated and not ignored. It suggests activities, asks questions and makes practical suggestions on how the issues covered can be put into practice. It is well written and would be a great gift to give to a junior school child. It is priced at £7.99, which is a discount of £3. “Where’d my Giggle Go?” is by favourite Christian author Max Lucado. It is a board book and would appeal to ages 2-5. It is about a child who wakes up grumpy for no apparent reason and can’t work out why then makes a decision to help others feel happy, and then soon finds that makes him happy too. It ends by saying “Your giggle may go. If it does, that’s okay. It’s never too far to come back your way”. Written in verse it is a great book for reading aloud and helps younger children understand their emotions. The book is £5.99 - £1 off.

We have these discounted books in store until mid September so do drop in for something to help entertain during the long summer holiday!


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