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Speaking Volumes

Would you like to see more Christian books available for the general public to read? Wouldn’t it be good if our libraries or our children’s schools stocked Christian books as part of their range? Well there is a way you could be part of the solution! Speaking Volumes is an organisation that encourages the placing of Christian books (fiction and non-fiction) where the public can borrow them for example in libraries (including prison libraries), schools, toddler groups, care homes and hospices etc. They do this by awarding grants to cover the cost of the order. Speaking Volumes also provides protective covers, free of charge, and bookplates so you can let people know who donated them.

Speaking Volumes have put together collections of books for different age ranges and books on different topics such as bereavement, life issues and understanding Christianity. They also offer a range of DVDs. You can order all or part of a collection or buy a variety of books from across the board.

Speaking Volumes supports local Christian bookshops and encourages people to order through them and The Vine is partnering with them in this scheme.

Anyone can apply for a grant, whether it is on behalf of a church, church group or as an individual. Here’s how to go about it:

1. Think where you would like the books to be donated to

2. Get the support of your minister/church council or church group

3. Ask your chosen recipient if they would be happy to have the books

4. Go to the Speaking Volumes website where you can browse their list of titles. They have 299 books and DVDs to choose from and you can narrow the list down by selecting the type of place you are donating the books to. Grants are for books up to the value of £1000 although smaller requests are more likely to be successful.

5. Once you have selected your titles check that your chosen library is happy with them then you can submit your application.

6. When this has been successful you then place your order through The Vine. The invoice is then sent to Speaking Volumes for reimbursement.

If this is something you would like to look into take a look at the range of books on the Speaking Volumes website ( or contact The Vine and ask to speak to Jessica Harrison on 01455 612345, email or pop in for a chat. Applications for the next round of grants need to be made between 15th February and 15th April 2019. There is a second opportunity in the autumn.

Together let’s get more Christian books into the public spaces of Hinckley.

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