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Toilet Twinning

If you have visited The Vine recently you may have noticed that our toilet has been twinned with one in Tanzania. If you are not familiar with the Toilet Twinning organisation let me explain how it works. Twinning a toilet in the UK with one in a poor community costs £60. We get a framed photo to hang in our loo of the toilet that we are uniquely twinned with. This has the dual effect of spreading the word about Toilet Twinning to those who see the picture and of being very humbling when we see what other people have to cope with - and these are the ones who have received help! Fortunately they do not get a photo of our loo! The money then goes to fund the provision of a new loo in an area that needs one. This is a fantastic organisation to support as it is appalling that decent sanitation is not a given in many parts of the world. Find out more at the Toilet Twinning and help "flush away poverty".

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